Interview with M-Pire

The Band Recently sat down with M-Pire Magazine for an interview check it out :

Q: Talk about your upcoming three EP’s and single “In the Shade”.

A: I’m really excited about these!! I’ve written and recorded tons of songs with lots of different musicians and producers, and in that process, I’ve learned how to produce, track and mix. All of that has lead me to this point. Now, I’m all about releasing the music and the beauty of this summer series is I don’t know exactly how everything is going to pan out, but I have a goal with specific dates in mind. “In the Shade” is a bit of a 90’s throwback with a 60’s throwback jam outro and a Beck style break beat. The video we made and edited in an afternoon on an iPhone.

Q: What was your experience like as a band since you started 6 months ago?

A: The last 6 months have been fun. We’ve been getting more into social media. I even started a Twitter account – check us out @thenewapollos – which is something I never thought I’d be into, but now I’m kind of obsessed. My last tweet was “don’t ever forget how prolific you are.” I was listening to some old mixes and feeling it. I think bands that have honest relationships with their fans are really cool, and nowadays its just stupid not to be on these sites, so we’re changing and growing always!

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